Dispatch Services

Our overall mission is to assist you in utilizing your computers to let you do your business effectively.

We provide professional, informed, courteous, customer-focused IT services, in person, at our customer's work locations. The primary focus of the Electronic Force Professionals Dispatch Service (EFPDS) is to support our customer's business functions and to provide support services for our customer's computers and their data network infrastructure. EFPDS staff is dispatched to the customer's site to perform the work. We provide best-effort support for most applications and systems. We provide service directly to our customers within their offices and buildings.

Services Offered

Desktop and Laptop Computer Services

  • Hardware installation

  • Hardware troubleshooting

  • Hardware inventory, maintenance & management

Software Services

  • Software installation

  • Software inventory, maintenance, & management

  • Software troubleshooting

Business Function Services

  • Consultation regarding equipment and IT services (this includes advice and counsel as requested, required & appropriate)

  • Manage access rights to shared resources (networked files, printers, public computers, network drives)

  • Assist with procuring additional computing resources and services (computers, networked file space, email storage, etc…)

Cyber and Information Security Services

  • Network infrastructure support

  • Identify and secure Sensitive Data

  • Setup encryption where appropriate (hard drives, files, & email)

  • Update and patch systems as requested and appropriate

Hours of Availability & Quoting

We are able is able to provide nationwide remote coverage (for Server Upkeep and Website Design/Maintenance) from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Customer Expectation

In order to ensure that we provide the most effective solution to all of your problems, please be prepared with information regarding your business or personal situation. Our goal is to make sure that the service we deliver is done efficiently and that the tasks that need to be addressed are clearly identified. We will address all your needs in the order of priority that best satisfies your overall business goals and objectives, and budget.

Project Quotes

To get an estimate of the cost for you and your company, contact us so we can assess the proper solution for your business or personal situation.